this outfit comes with the steel snath shown below,
not the hickory snath shown above.

    back by popular demand, we are offering (again, marugg has historically offered this snath) a curved steel snath, imported from austria and manufactured by our blade manufacturer, franz de paul schrockenfux. the steel snath has adjustable nibs or grip that allow it to be versatile to multiple users of differing heights. it can take a right or left handed blade. this snath is recommended for use with the posthorn blade & hook. the nibs or grips on the snath are made of ash.

    the handles face you when you are swinging this scythe. a nib sets the lower handle in the proper postion so that your arms can hang loose. a mounting ring and wrench designed to hold our blades securely is included. extra wrenches and screws are not available.

    this outfit comes standard with a our heaviest 16" posthorn blade. if you are planning to mow grass, this is not the right outfit!. if you need to clear out this year's saplings and mow grass also, then this a good outfit for you - just add a grass blade and natural stone in addition to this package. a stone holder is included (it clips on your belt or your back pocket. this outfit also includes a manmade stone.

    at some point, you will need to hammer out the edge of the blade. our peening jig is the best tool for the job. only one is needed per family or neighborhood.

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