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An Expert Bee Keepers Opinion

"I was very much pleased with the scythe as I ordered it myself believing that the principle was right from the illustration. I used it around my home, around the shrubbery and our boys used it somewhat in our bee yard. The tool is very light, the blade keeps sharp easily, and the sharp point at the end enables the user to get very close to objects like shrubbery or beehives and thus cuts practically all the grass and weeds. It is far superior to the ordinary scythe, and you have my permission to use this letter in any way you see fit."

A. I. ROOT CO., E. R. Root VP    Medina, Ohio





"The Marugg grass scythe proves itself an excellent tool. It is the most satisfying hand tool that I have ever used. In tough grass it cuts a little less uniformly than the power scythe. In all other ways, in my opinion, it is a better tool because, it is light, it handles gracefully & comfortably even on steep ground, it is far less dangerous, it is quiet & makes no fumes, it is much more adaptable. In rank growth one narrows the cut & shortens the stroke. It always starts - provided the user will start. Aside from reasonable skill & care in use, there are no maintenance problems. It requires no fuel or oil. It runs on breakfast. It’s cheaper to buy than most weed eaters & is cheaper to use than any other power mower. And best of all it’s good exercise."

WENDELL BERRY                 Author of A GOOD SCYTHE





"I have never seen anything to equal the MARUGG SPECIAL scythe, the way it cuts. I would have to grind an ordinary blade at least 10 times to do what I have done with this one on it’s first hammering, and it still cuts good. I have tried it in the toughest kind of cutting, and when handled right , it will stand as much abuse as any blade I have ever tried."

JOHN LITTLEWOOD             Helton, NC





" I received grass blades, attachments and hoe all OK, and while people watched me in the city while I was mowing, they just wondered how I could do it, mow the grass as close as a lawnmower. J. D. Bolster and Silas Wentz, who were watching me, gave me their order which you will find enclosed."

ANDREW M. KLINE         Olympia, Wash



Forest Rangers Praise Bush Blades

"We gave your bush blades an actual on Fire Trial and found it superior to all other tools on the Chief's fire truck. Our Chief has made an inspection trip to Los Angeles and advised fire chiefs in that district to equip their trucks with a Marugg bush blade."

Roy Meyers, Redwood City, California



Workmen Fight Over These Scythes

"I carried my outfit to my orange grove, where I have two men mowing, both tried it out and stated that it is the finest scythe they had ever used. When I left they were about to fight to see which one would use it. Please enter my order for another, RUSH SHIPMENT."

C. H. Sams,    New Smyrna, Fla.


"Dear Friends at The Marugg Company

I am interested in mowing hay with a good scythe. My dad has one of your scythes and likes it a lot. I would like to get one too. I am 5'5" tall and am 13 years old. Please send ordering information."

Jennifer Freeman    Stockton, NY


Easy Enough for a Child

"I am ordering a scythe because I want to help cut loose hay for my rabbits and my calf. My brother, My sister, and my dad have scythes and I did not want to feel left out. I am 9 years old and I want happy healthy animals."

Elizabeth Freeman    Stocton, NY


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Qty Part # Description Detail Weight Price Each.
Grass Scythe Blades
10-20 Grass Scythe 20 inch 2 lb. $62.00
10-22 Grass Scythe 22 inch 2 lb. $64.00
10-24 Grass Scythe 24 inch 2 lb. $66.00
10-26 Grass Scythe 26 inch 2 lb. $69.00
10-28 Grass Scythe 28 inch 2 lb. $73.00
10-30 Grass Scythe 30 inch 2 lb. $76.00
10-24L Left Handed Grass Scythe 24 inch 2 lb. $77.00
Brush Scythe Blades
20-16 Brush Scythe 16 inch 2 lb. $65.00
20-20 Brush Scythe 20 inch 2 lb. $68.00
20-24 Brush Scythe 24 inch 2 lb. $70.00
20-16L Left Handed Brush Scythe 16 inch 2 lb. $75.00
Post Horn (Extra Heavy Brush Scythe Blade)
20-PH Post Horn Brush Scythe and hook 16 inch 2 lb. $86.00
(Posthorn Hook is only availabe with posthorn purchase)
Hickory Snaths (Includes Mounting Ring and Wrench)
40A Curved Hickory Snath 6 lb. $52.00
40B Straight Hickory Snath 6 lb. $50.00
40M Steel Snath Out of Stock 3 lb. $48.00
Outfits (Snath, Mounting Ring and wrench, Scythe Blade, Man Made Whetstone,
             Plastic Whetstone Holder, Sharpening and Assembly Instructions)
50A Curved Outfit (Hickory snath is the default)
(Some minimal assembly required)
(with 24" grass blade)
add $8 to choose a copper whetstone holder
8 lb. $122.00
less $4 to substitute a 50M steel snath Out of Stock 3 lb.
Change Blade:

50B Straight Hickory Outfit
(Some minimal assembly required)
(with 24" grass blade)
add $8 to choose a copper whetstone holder
8 lb. $120.00
Change Blade:

50C Curved Post Horn Outfit (with 16" Post Horn)
(Some minimal assembly required)
add $8 to choose a copper whetstone holder
8 lbs. $142.00

50D Straight Post Horn Outfit (with 16" Post Horn)
(Some minimal assembly required)
add $8 to choose a copper whetstone holder
8 lbs. $140.00

50MP Steel Post Horn Outfit (with 16" Post Horn) Out of Stock
(Some minimal assembly required)
add $8 to choose a copper whetstone holder
8 lbs. $138.00
Custom Sizing for snaths and kits
CS Custom Snath Sizing Order 1 for each snath you want adjusted Free

    Include Shoulder to floor (StF),   and fingertip to elbow (FtE)  

Scythe Necessities & Parts
70A Man Made Whetstone 1 lb. $ 8.00
70B Natural Whetstone 1 lb. $ 8.00
70C Plastic Stone Holder with Clip 1 lb. $10.00
70D Copper Stone Holder with Clip 1 lb. $18.00
90A Austrian Peening Hammer only 2 lb. $27.00
90B Austrian Peening Anvil Only 2 lb. $27.00
90AB Austrian Peening Hammer/Anvil Combo 3 lb. $50.00
90D Austrian Peening Apparatus 3 lb. $66.00
90E Blade Sheath 1 lb. $ 8.00
101A The Scythe Book 1 lb. $15.00
102 Mounting Ring 1 lb. $ 8.00
300 Lower Nib 1 lb. $ 5.00
301 Upper Nib 1 lb. $ 5.00
302 Stem 1 lb. $ 5.00
304 Ash Nib for Steel Snath 1 lb. $ 5.00
Quality Garden Tools and Hickory Handles
60A Austrian Sickle Out of Stock 1 lb. $32.00
60B Austrian Scythe Sickle Out of Stock 1 lb. $38.00
110D Marugg T-Shirt Organic Cotton 1 lb. $18.00

    State T-shirt Sizing for each shirt:
    Available in men's Med., Large, Extra Large.
    Out of stock

Items Shipped to TN are charged tax of 9.25%
Packing and Handling charge per package: $0.00
Shipping outside continental US is extra, call for a quote.
1 up to 3 lbs. $13.30
4 up to 6 lbs. $15.65
7 up to 9 lbs. $21.80
10 up to 12 lbs. $26.45
13 up to 15 lbs. $28.75
16 up to 18 lbs. $30.85
19 up to 22 lbs. $33.25
23 up to 26 lbs. $35.80
27 up to 30 lbs. $39.85
Over 30 lbs., please call for quote
If your order is 1 to 3 LBS of small size like whetstones,
whetstone holders, mounting rings, nibs, stems, blade sheaths,
we will attempt to fit it in a padded envelope for $5.75